Materials and use

Materials are our major focus and passion. We have collected a range of fibers that we believe complement each other in features, provide the best performance and are the most durable.


Our first product was cotton compression stockings. SupCare cotton compression stockings contains 54% cotton and 40% polyamide / 6% elastane (Lycra). Because of the high content of cotton, SupCare stockings feel much softer and more comfortable against the skin than other compression stockings.


The correct content and fibre quality have been tested in a dissolved reagent under a microscope and subsequently approved. The homogeneity, fit, thickness and skin-friendliness of the material have also been tested and approved.

The stockings are designed to have an anatomical fit with a closed, roomy toe and a soft heel. The product is available in 5 sizes according to the length of the foot, heel-to-ankle circumference, ankle circumference and mid-calf circumference.


SupCare 15-21 mmHg are for daily use by people who have a tendency towards swollen legs and ankles and for athletes wanting to improve their performance. Furthermore, many people will benefit from using this stocking during long flights, for the prevention of vascular veins and to reduce the risk of blood clots in the legs.